Do your products contains parabens?

None of our products contains parabens. All our products are paraben-free, which is mentioned on our packaging. You may also check the ingredients provided on each product page.

Which of your products are suitable for dandruff-prone scalp?

Charcoal Shampoo bar is suitable for dandruff-prone scalp.

How can I review Calm & Balm products?

We absolutely love your reviews because they help us maintain and improve the quality of our products.

How should I tell you if the product is defective?

If you receive a defective product, please send us an email with photographic evidence of the defective product and a picture of the invoice at support@calm&balm.com.com. C&B shall issue a replacement for the product. Furthermore, please note that you can escalate your complaint within 1 day after receiving the product.     

Should I use a conditioner after shampooing?

We do recommend using a C&B's Argan Oil Hair mask after shampoo.

Which face soap should I use to help with company?

The best acne face soap is the ‘Coffee & Tea Tree'  with antibacterial and anti fungal properties that help with acne. They also soothe and calm your skin while at the same time restoring your skin.