Tips to make your Shampoo bar last longer!

Tips to make your Shampoo bar last longer!

As exciting is to shift to zero waste shampoo bars, people are still struggling to get used to the bars and are having various problems related. So we are here to help! One of the most common questions we get when it comes to shampoo bars is, "How long does it last?"

While there is no definite answer ( you all have different hair types, how often you wash your hair, how many people in your family are using it, and how you store the bar) Here are some key answers to help you.

Let's first begin with How long does the bar last?

According to facts, 1 shampoo bar is equal to 2 normal size shampoo bottles. Each normal size shampoo bottle contains 16 oz liquid. Which means approximately 38 washes (if we use the standard tablespoon amount). While 1 shampoo bar gives you 65 - 80 washes depending on the length and use.

Secondly, How much lather do you need?                                                          

We always recommend our customers to rub the bar 2-3 times directly on the scalp or in-between hands to form lather is more than enough. Even if you have to wash oil. The bar produces sufficient lather to thoroughly wash the scalp and hair. We also suggest massaging the lather for 1-2 minutes for the softest and cleanest hair.

Third, How to store your bar properly?                                                               

After you're done showering, Let your shampoo bar dry completely on a well-draining soap dish before putting it away.  For example, a dish with plenty of holes so that ample air can reach your bar to dry it. Don't store your bar where water is easily in reach, put the bar on top of shelf or furthest to shower spray. Water will create a sogginess on your bar, wearing your shampoo bar down quicker. Use the metal tin container only for traveling.


 If you have any further questions. Comment below your concerns and we will answer them. Thank you! 


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